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Golden Tours Project Research Paper


Golden Tours is a travel agency website that targets Baby Boomers. This is a fictional project that was created and developed with the objective of fully exploring user experience and showcase my design process. The planning of this website included extensive market and audience research, critical thinking and problem solving.

For more information about this project, download the research paper explaining its process and challenges by clicking on "Research Paper" on the top of this page.

keywords: user testing, personas, process flow, analytics, storyboards

1. The Company

The first step into creating this project was developing a clear idea of how the business should operate. Below you will find the company's business model, competitive analysis and project management plan. Golden Tours specializes in tours going from the United States to Europe.

Golden Tour's Business Model Golden Tour's Competitive Analysis Golden Tour's Gantt Chart

2. The Audience

In order to achieve success, thoroughly researching the audience was mandatory. Baby Boomers are a very complex market segmentation and, during the development of the website, I needed to keep in mind their wants and needs, creating personas that would properly represent the target audience.

The following images include a mindmap created based on the target audience, one persona example, an usermap showcasing a persona's thought process while using the website and an userflow chart.

Golden Tour's Mind Map Golden Tour's Marketing Persona Golden Tour's Usermap Golden Tour's User Flow Chart

3. Site Map and Wireframes

Based on the competitive research, a site map and wireframes were created.

Golden Tour's Sitemap Golden Tour's Homepage Wireframes Golden Tour's Process Flow

4. User Testing

After digital wireframes were created, a few rounds of user testing took place. Based on user feedback, the prototypes were slowly refined in order to properly suit the audience's needs and wants.

Qualitative Testing: The first round of user testing involved a limited amount of individuals who described their thought process as they completed a few tasks in the website. The tests were very detailed and the results were organized in the form of an infographic, which can be seen below.

Golden Tour's User Testing Results Infographic

Quantitative Testing: The following rounds of user testing involved a greater amount of users and the results were based on the collection of numerical data. The image below includes a heat map of the homepage (users were asked to search for tours), AB Test results (users were required to choose between two different homepage layouts) and a map showcasing where website testers were from.

Golden Tour's User Testing Results Golden Tour's User Testing World Map

5. Conclusion

The Golden Tours website is still being developed. Now that the wireframes were carefully tested and refined, it's time to start working on actual interface design. In order for the website to be successful, a better understanding of visual design, in relationship to the audience, is required and more user testing will be needed. Analytics will also be adopted in order to find out which pages are visited the most and how the audience is actually using the website, as opposed to what was initially planned.

If you would like to learn more about this project, click on the button below to download the full research paper explaining in details the process behind the creation of the Golden Tours website.

"Web design is often mistakenly seen as a form of visual art. Nonetheless, it is important to keep in mind that art, other than being user-centered, is most often a personal craft and that beauty does not mean functionality."
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